Mercedes Transmission Repair Atlanta

Mercedes Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. While electrical problems may seem more important in today’s world, potential mechanical problems are capable of making your Mercedes undrivable.

Manual or automatic, your Mercedes transmission should take precedent over any other part of your car.

Transmission Trouble Signs

Typical indications of transmissions issues include leaking fluid, a check engine light, grinding or shaking, whining, clunking, & humming.

Leaky Transmission

Leaking Transmission fluid is an obvious indication that your transmission needs to be examined. The fluid allows the car to shift properly. For an automatic, fluid may appear red, clear with a sweet odor. If it’s dark with a burnt smell, a mechanic needs to be notified.

Manual transmissions are not the easiest to check. It’s ideal to have a mechanic check the status.

Check Engine Light

By taking note of the check engine light, you can avoid the confusion of the anatomy of your Mercedes. Newer models have this notification. There is a tool that uses the electronic system to identify the problem. These are for sale to the public however it is better to have a mechanic run the diagnostics in order to provide an adequate understanding of the problem as well as possible solutions.

Grinding or Shaking Transmission

As far as grinding or shaking, it depends on whether your car is manual or automatic. With a manual transmission, this is a common sign that there’s something wrong; potentially a worn clutch. An automatic transmission typically exhibits some sort of shimmying motion sometimes with jar in transition between gears. These examples of distress are necessary to be examined by a professional.

Transmission Noises

Whining, Clunking and Humming is also an indicator for automatic and manual transmissions. Although the occurrence may be different, it is still important to take note and get it checked out.

A Mercedes’ transmission is nothing to be temporarily fixed at home. Taking it to a trained professional is of utmost importance. Come to Friar Motors today and let our transmission experts identify and fix the problem.

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